Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Soft, Sensual, Gorgeous...

Is how I feel in this outfit!

At this round of Collabor88 you'll find this amazing look from "Legal Insanity" The hair, the choker, rings are all from Collabor88 as well !  This look makes me feel ....everything!  The top can be worn as a simple tube top or you can wear the sleeves.  Or, you can just wear the sleeves!  The pants, which just don't show in the photo are flared, and split up the sides from ankle to mid-thigh, and are also lined in the contrasting floral fabric, if you like.  You can make them solid too.  

I had another shot all worked up, and then I fell back on my bed to rest a bit and this shot happened.  What a "happy accident".  On the wall of my bedroom is the line from "Chasing Cars"...."If I lie here, would you lay with me, and just forget the world?"  Well, would you?  

This is an outfit I'll go to again, and again.  It just simply makes me feel GOOD!  And after all, isn't that what fashion's all about?

And just because you're all so wonderful here's the shot I THOUGHT I'd use.  After all, I always say, "Mwah!" and throw a kiss, and this kiss, just like this outfit, is for YOU!

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Style Notes:

(Yummy) Bohemia Ring Set - Maitreya
::HH:: Hucci Nucla Pump - Collection (LARA)
Atomic // Moody Bloom Choker - Noir_rigged
Exile:: Slow Dancing (BENTO)
Legal Insanity - Myra flared pants MAITREYA (high shoes)
Legal Insanity - Myra top MAITREYA

Arise - Shenna Makeup Set (Eyeshadow)
Nantra Poses - Won't You B Mine

Powder Pack Catwa
Amara Beauty - Hanna Skin - Catwa applier and Maitreya body applier - tone 2 (December 2017)

Personal Inventory (Mostly available on Marketplace or in-world stores)
3.- Sweet Moves + belly . Physics by Temptation
-{ZOZ}- Natural Back Tips Polish (Maitreya) HUD
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0 - Personal Shape
EarthStones Tania Belly Ring - Maitreya - Onyx - Mid
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 -Personal Shape
*Booty's Beauty* Catwa Eye Appliers ~ Poetry Hud
LB (La Boheme) Lipstick, Singapore Set 1 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Just a Little Something

From Aleutia at On9

(an intimate shopping experience)

Just a quick blog to let you know about this amazing top.  The people at Aleutia are going to start labeling me a *stalker* at this rate!  Anyway, This top is so cute, and so sexy.  It comes in a whole lot of colors, and bares just enough.  The silky material slides alluringly off one shoulder, leaving it bare for those ardent kisses.  The other side the shoulder is still up, for now.  I paired it with these great pants from David Heather, and added a choker and boots I picked up at this month's Collabor88.  The hair is a sweet confection from Elikatira, also at Collabor88.  

Sometimes, it's something so small, and simple, like a well made, and enticing shirt that you can add to things you already have to give yourself a whole new look!  

On 9 is a lovely, small venue, and the designs are always top notch, interesting, and on the edge of fashion.  Give it a try, as well as Collabor88.  Let me know what you think!

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Style Notes:
On9 Shopping Experience
[Aleutia] Luna (Maitreya) Emperador

Atomic // Moody Bloom Choker_FluffyPack - HUD
Baiastice_Kendall Booties-All Colors-Maitreya
Elikatira Hair - [e] Elina - whites

Powder Pack - Catwa
Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Moka Eyeshadows (Powder Pack) (July 2017)
Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Moka Lipsticks (Powder Pack)(July 2017)
Amara Beauty - Hanna Skin - Catwa applier and Maitreya body applier - tone 2 (December 2017)

Personal Inventory mostly available on Marketplace or In-World Stores
3.- Sweet Moves + belly . Physics by Temptation
*Booty's Beauty* Catwa Eye Appliers ~ Poetry Hud
-David Heather-Burg Trousers/L/Black
alaskametro<3 "OCCVLT" nail art - Maitreya mani HUD *WEAR
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0 - Personal Shape
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 - Personal Shape
Slipper - Autumn Rings - Maitreya.

Friday, January 12, 2018

When you walk away...

...leave them wanting more!

It's been a while since I went to Collabor88, but a friend said there was a house there that I might want so I went on in and came out with a much lighter load of lindens but a whole bunch of amazing new things.  Lots of great hair, and this gorgeous look from Candy Doll.  The boots are incredible, and I love how the one boot is slightly unzipped and you can see the soft leather.  The dress slides over your body like a whisper, so soft, feminine, and the draping that leaves your back bare is impeccably done!

I wanted to leave the drama of that bared back uninterrupted, so I opted for this great short hair from Exile, also available at Collabor88.  (There were a TON of great hairs there this round!)   

Another great find at Collabor88 was these rings, by Yummy!  I usually don't wear them all but there is a hud where you can click and choose which ones you want to show, or not.  The hud also lets you change the color of the metal and the stones.  The earrings were a pair I picked up at an event a while back.  They are from Run Away, and they seem to be my "go to" earrings at the moment.  

If you haven't been to Collabor88 in a while, might I suggest you give it a try?  I found so many wonderful things there, and I'm sure you will too!  

Oh, the house was too small, so I didn't buy it.  

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Style Notes:

Collabor88 Event
(Yummy) Bohemia Ring Set - Maitreya
Exile:: Hair -  Relentless (S)
_Candy Doll_ Aimin Boots - Maitreya - Light Colors - HUD
_Candy Doll_ Aimin Dress White - Maitreya Lara

Powder Pack - Catwa - December
Amara Beauty - Hanna Skin - Catwa applier and Maitreya body applier - tone 2

Personal Inventory, available on Marketplace or inworld stores
ALMA Makeup - FALL - Catwa
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0 - Personal Shape
Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Soft Shimmer Eyeshadows Hud
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 - Personal Shape
MizZguideD + Fairy Pearls Nail Polish Hud
Omega System Relay HUD for Maitreya v.07 Broken Ankle Fix - Ankle Lock (wear me)
[Run Away] Bindi earring - Rose Gold 
1.-Barely there. + belly - Physics by Temptatlon.
.kosmetik Eyes - Amour - Variety [CATWA] (they have little hearts in them!)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Size doesn't matter!

Try a smaller shopping event!

I have always liked the clothes by a company called Aleutia.  They are feminine, pretty, and sexy without being blatant.  Like this little dress, the sheer lace panels are intriguing and tease a bit, but your dignity and modesty remain intact.  The asymmetrical hem gives a flash of leg.  The dress comes in a ton of colors, but I loved the pristine beauty of the all white.   

Perfect for that date at the Bistro, or just alone time, when you enjoy your own company.  And remember, it's OKAY to wear white in winter, but if you need color in your life, you can get this dress in a myriad of brights.  The woven panels become bright jewel tones, bordered by white and the sheer panels remain white.  I got the fat pack so I can change up the color at will, and the fat pack contained two bonus colors.  

When I wear a white dress I like to pair it with colorful shoes, otherwise I feel I run the risk of looking like a nurse.  I also wore bright lipstick and pretty purple eye-shadow to match my eyes, and gorgeous frosted nails.  And guess what?  That all came from "The Avenue" event, except for the shoes.  (Oh, and the eyes have little hearts in them!  perfect for upcoming valentine's day!)

So, next time, won't you join me for coffee?  Then we'll go take in a few of the smaller shopping events.  Bring your Master Card!  

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Style Notes:

The Avenue Shopping Event
!IT! - Alba Lipstick 4
.kosmetik Eyes - Amour - Variety [CATWA] (they have little hearts in them!)
MRM  - "Dayita" Eyes Makeup for Catwa Head
Le Salon - L'Hiver - Manicure Hud
[Aleutia] - Juliette (Maitreya) Fatpack

Powder Pack - Catwa - December
Amara Beauty - Hanna Skin - Catwa applier and Maitreya body applier - tone 2

Personal Inventory available on Marketplace or in-world stores
1.-Barely there. + belly - Physics by Temptatlon
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0 - personal shape
EarthStones Mystic Ring - Bento Maitreya Pointer (L)
Essenz - Chili (Fatpack 1) Maitreya
Magika Hair - Talk Like That
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 - personal shape Broken Ankle Fix - Ankle Lock 
[RA] Bindi earring - Rose Gold 

Is it time to renew?

How about a new look in your home?

I truly believe that furniture, decor and home builders are such unsung heroes of Second Life.  They help us to create our living spaces and make them so personal.  I love my house!  It's a great little East Coast Cottage sort of style, by [ba] (barnesworth anubis), called Henlopen.  But at Swank, this month,  it's all about refreshing, and updating, your look, your wardrobe (which we'll get to, have no fear) and your home.  So, with that in mind, I picked up the entire collection of kitchen things from Opi.  It has a LOT of stuff in it, and I didn't use ALL of it, but I am sure I will in future.  I added it to my kitchen, which I already loved, but ....I love it even more.

I will note in the style notes, below what is Opi and what isn't, but focus first on that center island table.  Now, I used it as a center island, but with the cool stools you could make it your dining table.  The chandelier, the table, cloth, goodies, and stools, all in the Opi set.  But wait, there's MORE!  (did that sound like a television commercial?)

See those darling shelves on the wall?  And all the cute goodies on them?  All part of the set.  (I have one little nit to pick, and that is the designer did not make the set modifiable.)  The thing is, those goodies are all separate, so you can arrange them to your heart's content.

These are NOT part of the set, but they are personal favorites of mine and I tend to put them out where ever I live, and in what ever style house.  The set comes with 12 different herbs, and you can choose, I put out my favorites for cooking.  (Yes, you can cook with lavender, it's heavenly!) And they so add color and character.

The rest of the kitchen is a combination of the Dutchie corner Kitchen and Zen Creations "Cookhouse" (the refrigerator has some very yummy animations in it, trust me, you can have a great time in the kitchen!) 

If you are going to renew something, start with the Opi set, it gives you so many options, and helps you make your house, a home.

Now you get to play "where is that?" by looking at the style notes and finding all the Opi goodies in the photo.  Cookies for those that find every one!  (well, not the ones that aren't there, that would be delusional)

Swank - go to it by clicking HERE
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Style notes: (can you find all the goodies?)
At Swank
Opi Complete Set (kitchen)
bowl of eggs (not pictured)
Fabulous Tea Pot (on stove)
Green Apple Basket (not pictured)
Opi Apple Place setting (Center place setting on table)
Opi Bread and Cheese (on table)
Opi Butcher Block (not pictured)
Opi Dandelion Vase (on table)
Opi Dining Stool (3 at the table)
Opi Dining Table with cloth (the pieces are separate after rezzing)
Opi Industrial Light (has lots of settings, love it)
Opi Lemon/Lime Bowl (on shelf above sink)
Opi Pear Place Setting (two of them on table, either side of the apple place setting)
Opi Pitchers (on top shelf above the sink)
Opi Scales (Top shelf on right above the curtained counter)
Opi Shelf Vases 1 (lower shelf of table)
Opi Shelf Vases 2 ( top right shelf, next to scale)
Opi Shelves (another set of shelves, not pictured) 
Opi small wooden candle (not pictured)
Opi Stacked Cups & Plates ( bottom shelf on right above curtained counter)
Opi Table Vase 1 (bottom shelf on left above curtained counter)
Opi Table Vase 2 (not pictured)
Opi Table Vase 3 (not pictured)
Opi Tall Wooden candle (not pictured)
Opi Triple Shelves (shown above the curtain cabinet with one shelf on each set hidden)
Stack of Plates (not shown)
Wine Bottle (on table)
Wine Glass Full (on table)

Available at Marketplace or at In-World Stores
TTR-Kitchen Garden-Potted Herbs (7 varieties)
Zen Creations - Coffee Maker
Zen Creations - Cookhouse Cabinet Shelf (above sink)
Zen Creations - Cookhouse Oven Mitts
Zen Creations - Cookhouse Fridge (great animations *wink*)
Dutchie Corner kitchen (adult)
La Galleria Wall Clock Bronze Brass (it tells the time!)
PPK Vintage Kitchen Cabinet (it comes with all the stuff that's on the top, and has that floral curtain as well)

House - 
[ba] Barnesworth Anubis - Henlopen Cottage 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

It's GOOD to be a Diva!

Sometimes you have to let them KNOW

Just who they are dealing with!

Viki has created this look, appropriately called, Mariah, for the Inspiration event.  It is pure DIVA with a capital D!  It comes in neutral and colorful tones, and you can add a skirt to the bottom for a red carpet gown look, but I loved, this form fitting beaded look, with skin peeking through, because it simply said, "I am here, and you WILL see me."  Complete confidence.  The dress is so amazing it truly doesn't need much for accessories.  

I did love the soft feel of this hair, by Analog Dog, and I made the make up look rich, but not too over the top.  In this dress YOU are the star, make no mistake about it.  But I loved the under eye glitter by Izzie's and the gold nail polish.  

Do stop by the Inspiration event.  There are lovely things there, all Inspired by Mariah Carey, but made to put YOU in the spotlight, because we all KNOW, you are a rock star!

The Inspiration event runs until the beginning of March!  So come on over and check it out, and enjoy the lovely sim, and the gorgeous things created by incredible designers!  To find it, click HERE

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Style Notes:
Inspiration Event
Viki - Mariah Dress - Neutrals (comes with a Flexi skirt that makes it a gown!)

Powder Pack Catwa
Amara Beauty Skins - Catwa Head Applier - Hanna - Tone 2 (matching Maitreya body applier)
Izzie's - Catwa Applier - Under Eye Glitter (Powder Pack)

Personal Inventory, mostly available on Marketplace or in world stores
Catwa Mesh Bento Head - Catya - Personal Shape
Analog Dog - Hair - Margaret - Light Blondes
Amala - Athena Stacking Rings with Birthstone Add-On Hud
Empyrian Forge - Papillon Bracelet
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara - Personal Shape
Encore - Nail Appliers - Glamorously Gold
Avi-Glam - Vivid Eyes - Amethyst
La Boheme - Lipstick - Singapore Set 1 - Catwa Applier
Hilly Haalan - Stefania Heels - with 40 texture color change hud

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Candy can be SO tempting!

Would you like a taste?

I'm not at all sure she's going to share that candy cane!  What a fun look from Sexy Princess!  She calls this little number, "Christmas Candy" and I think you might be able to be the tempting sweet treat in this flirtatious creation.  The little dress is sheer, but the bodice and ribbons down front and back *barely* keep your modesty.  Even though you may LOOK sweet, this cute little dress definitely might end you up on Santa's naughty list!  

Available at the Inspirations Event, inspired by Mariah Carey, this round!  While Mimi is known for some daring fashion choices, this one is more for private performances.  *wink*

To go to the Inspirations event, click the poster!

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Style notes for this look:
At the Inspiration Event
Sexy Princess - XMas Candy Dress (includes sizes for Belleza Isis, Freya, Venus, eBody, Maitreya, Slink physique, Slink Hourglass, and standard avis)

Personal Inventory, mostly available on the Marketplace or Inworld
Blueberry - Angelberry Shoes - Shine - a Gatcha item (can be found on marketplace)
LUNA - body art- fingernails - Winter Moments
Catwa Head - Catya - personal shape
Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Cora Eyeshadow Hud
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara - Personal Shape
Tableau Vivant - Double Hoop Gold Earring
Truth - Hair - Natalie
[kunst] Lucy Choker
LB (La Boheme) lipstick - Singapore Set 1 Catwa
Amara Beauty Skin - tone 2
Mesange - Anjeli Eyes - 11